March 2010

Adobe CS5 Launches on April 12

Adobe just launched a new site which counts down the days, minutes and seconds until the launch of their Creative Suite 5 at 11am (EST) on April 12, 2010. There's lots of buzz about it and it's definitely one that many people (including ourselves) have been waiting for! We're pretty sure many of you are still using CS2 and CS3 (looking at some of our user stats), so waiting to upgrade to the latest and greatest may have been worthwhile.

Geographic Imager 3.0.1 Released

We just have just released Geographic Imager 3.0.1, a point release update to version 3.0. Along with the features added in the previous release, this point release includes:

  • GeoCrop Import: added support for 12-bit JPEG compressed GeoTIFF / TIFF (common Intergraph output format)
  • Improved import of various geospatial raster formats such as GeoTIFF and NITF
  • Eliminated editing delays when handling long modification history for large images
  • Various minor bug fixes and optimizations

Import Geodatabase Feature Classes into Adobe Illustrator

In this post, we'll cover how simple it is to import a geodatabase feature class into Adobe Illustrator using MAPublisher import tools enabled with the Spatial Database add-on.

Imported features

Spatial databases are optimized data repositories for spatial data storage and management. Many GIS environments use spatial databases to easily access and manage GIS data in a central location.

Easy Transformations in MAPublisher

MAP Views are designed to provide an easy method of accessing settings for specifying and transforming coordinate systems, for editing scale and data placement on the page and for exporting to GIS formats. The MAP Views panel allows for merging Adobe Illustrator layers, georeferencing existing Adobe Illustrator artwork, changing multiple layer names, and reprojecting data on the fly.

Finding image resolution in Adobe Illustrator

We often get asked about the resolution of spatial images and the affects of scaling them in Adobe Illustrator CS4.

When scaling an image in Adobe Illustrator (using the Scale tool or the MAPublisher Register Image function) it will not resample the image (the image still has the same number of pixels). So effectively scaling down an image increases the image PPI (pixels per inch). In terms of geographic image resolution (size of a pixel in world unit), it does not change. The image resolution is dependent on the source of collection.

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