Adobe Photoshop

Export an Adobe Illustrator Document as a Georeferenced Image

Would you like to export your Adobe Illustrator document to an image? Here is a good tool available through MAPublisher (available in version 9.2 and higher).

Creating a Super Overlay in Google Earth Pro

Our friends in the map library at Brock University in St. Catherines, Ontario have put together a very nice how-to on creating super overlays for Google Earth using Geographic Imager and Adobe Photoshop.

These instructions describe the process of georeferencing a high-resolution image, creating a geotiff file, using Google Earth Pro to make a super overlay and how to provide access to others. The full process is outlined here

The Brock University Map Library can be contacted at

Geographic Imager 3.3 Panel Installation Issue on Mac OS 10.7

The Adobe Creative Suite SDK Team confirmed that there is a bug in Adobe Extension Manager CS5 and CS5.5 that prevented extensions from being installed on Mac OS 10.7. (Adobe: Creative Suite SDK Team Web page). This affects the installation of Geographic Imager for Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS5.5 on Mac 10.7. This does not affect Windows users.


After the Geographic Imager installer is complete, start Adobe Photoshop. The extension "Geographic Imager" is not available from Window > Extensions. As a result, Geographic Imager Main panel will not be available.


Currently, our development team is working on this issue. Also, Adobe announced that the fix for this issue will ne available in the next two weeks through Adobe Update Manager. Meanwhile, below is a temporary solution provided by Adobe team for developers and end users.

How to Create a 3D Rendition of a DEM With a Draped Image

NOTE: Prior to performing these steps with your data you would want to ensure that the DEM and image have the same geographic extents.

Item 2: Coordinate system of the map

3D Terrain Model using Geographic Imager

We created a video to show that it is possible to use geospatial data and the 3D capabilities of Adobe Photoshop. It performs very well with a decent computer and video card.

In this video, a combination of Geographic Imager and Adobe Photoshop functions are used to open a DEM file using a script. The script also transforms a DEM into a 3D model and allows for an overlay of a colour model based on the data or a custom image (e.g. ortho image). Video after the jump.

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