Optimizing Point Symbol Placement with MAPublisher LabelPro

This post was contributed by Hans van der Maarel of Red Geographics.

The problem with using GIS data for point symbols is that depending on the scale and symbolization you often end up with symbols partly overlapping each other. Of course, the symbols can be manually moved around after initial placement to get a more aesthetically pleasing result, but that can be a tedious and time-intensive task.

Thankfully, there is a way to automate at least part of this process by using MAPublisher and LabelPro.

Example map of Breda, The Netherlands
(Click for larger version)

Updating multiple MAPublisher templates with FME Auto

Drawing inspiration from this Safe software blog post we have developed an FME workflow that allows the user to update multiple MAPublisher templates with additional layers using two workspaces and a workspacerunner transformer.

Using MAP Themes to Automatically Style CanVec+ Data on Import in MAPublisher

Creating multiple maps that share cartographic styling is a common requirement for MAPublisher users. The most effective way to accomplish this is the use of MAP Themes. MAP Themes are a collection of thematic cartography tools designed to increase productivity by automating how styles and symbols are applied. Creating a number of MAP Themes based on regularly used layers with standard attribute schemas can greatly reduce the amount of time spent styling maps.

This guide will walk through creating and setting up MAP Themes to automatically apply to the appropriate layers upon import. If done correctly, rather than seeing this:

Unstyled CanVec+ layers
(Click for larger version)

Import KML Placemarks Into PDF Maps Using Dropbox

Avenza PDF Maps 1.4 has more new features for you to explore. One new feature is the ability to import your own KML points for use on a map. These points can represent anything from your favorite restaurants to GPS waypoints of your weekend hike. If you have MAPublisher, you can take full advantage of this feature by creating your own points with your own attributes. In this example, we'll be exporting points of interest to a KML/KMZ file from a Toronto map that we created in MAPublisher.

Toronto Map with KML Symbols

Defining a Symbol Registration Point in Adobe Illustrator CS5

One of the best things about Adobe Illustrator CS5 is the amount of control for placing a registration point for points. With earlier versions of Adobe Illustrator, the point registration for a point is in the centre extent dimension (make a rectangular shape for the point's extent, then place a point at the centre.)

Here's a quick example of this. We start with a simple graphic, the green flag shown below.

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