Geographic Imager Supported Formats

Any image format that can be opened and displayed by Adobe Photoshop can form the basis for a spatial image. This includes, but is not limited to, the following common formats: *.tif, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.psd, *.gif, *.png. Please refer to the Adobe Photoshop user guide for a complete list of the file formats supported by Adobe Photoshop.

In addition to images natively supported by the Adobe Photoshop, Geograpic Imager provides support for popular GIS raster and DEM formats, including geospatial referencing.

Note: Some formats have limitations on read/write and OS support as identified in the table below.

See more information about supported formats

Raster/Reference formats

(Some limitations apply. See footnotes for details.)
Format Extension(s) Supported since Read Write
BigTIFF *.tif, *.tiff R: 3.0, W: 3.4 compatible compatible
BSB *.kap 4.1 compatible -
ERDAS IMAGINE Raster *.img R: 3.4, W: 3.5 compatible compatible
ER Mapper ECW *.ecw R: 2.5, W: 3.4 compatible compatible
Geospatial PDF *.pdf 3.2 compatible compatible
GeoPDF *.pdf 3.2 compatible -
GeoTIFF *.tif, *.tiff 1.0 compatible compatible
JPEG 2000

*.jp2, *.j2k,*.jpx,*.jpc, *.j2c,*.jpf

R: 2.5, W: 3.2    
LizardTech MrSID *.sid R: 2.5, W: 4.1 compatible compatible*
MrSID/MG4 LiDAR *.sid 3.5 compatible -
NITF (National Imagery
Transmission Format)
*.ntf R: 3.0, W: 3.4 compatible compatible
PCI EASI/PACE *.pix 2.5 compatible -
SGI Image format *.rgb 2.5 compatible -
Web Map Service (WMS) *.tiff, *.png, *.jpg, *.gif 3.4 compatible -

DEM Formats

Format Extension(s)   Read Write
Esri ArcInfo ASCII Grid *.agr, *.grd, *.txt, *.asc R: 2.5, W: 5.0 compatible compatible
Esri ArcInfo Binary Grid *.adf 2.5 compatible -
Esri ArcInfo Floating Grid *.flt 3.4 compatible -
Esri BIL *.bil R: 3.0, W: 5.0 compatible compatible
ERDAS IMAGINE *.img 3.4 compatible -
Grayscale DEM GeoTIFF *.tiff R: 3.4, W: 4.2 compatible compatible
Military Elevation Data / DTED *.dt0, *.dt1, *.dt2 2.5 compatible -
USGS SDTS *.ddf 2.5 compatible -
USGS DEM *.dem R: 2.5, W: 4.3 compatible compatible
SRTM *.hgt 2.5 compatible -

External Reference formats

Format Extension(s)   Read Write
World Files *.tfw, *.tifw, *.wld, *.jgw,
*.pgw, *.sdw, *.eww,
*.blw, *.dmw, *.bpw
1.0 compatible compatible
Blue Marble Reference *.rsf 1.0 compatible compatible
MapInfo TAB *.tab 1.0 compatible compatible
ER Mapper *.ers 1.0 compatible compatible

Web Tile formats

Format Extension(s)   Read Write
Google Maps *.html, *.png, *.jpg 4.2 - compatible
Bing Maps *.html, *.png, *.jpg 4.2 - compatible
OpenStreetMap (OSM) *.html, *.png, *.jpg 5.0 - compatible
TileMap Service *.xml, *.png, *.jpg 5.0 - compatible
MapBox TileMill *.mbtiles 5.0 - compatible

* Windows only

Maximum export size of 500 MB

Need a format that isn't currently supported? Contact us.

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