MAPdataCanada screenshot - Canada-wide data in ESRI shapefile format

MAPdataCanada is a library of royalty-free, Canada-wide data in the popular ESRI shapefile format. The data was produced from a number of Canadian, Provincial and Territorial government sources. Enhancements include a joined road layer with concatenated road names to a single column for easier labeling and selecting, proper name directory and file structure of all provinces and territories. Being royalty-free, the data set allows for unrestricted use of all files for the design and creation of maps for print and/or electronic distribution. Combined with MAPdataUSA, this dataset completes a contiguous North American dataset that provides a seamless base map from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico.

MAPdataCanada is available on CD as individual regions or as an complete national data set on a convenient DVD package. MAPdataCanada is a set of "raw" GIS data and does not include any graphically finished maps.


Feature Highlights

Aside from the convenience of having the entire Canadian data available at your fingertips in a convenient DVD package, MAPdataCanada has the following key benefits:

  • completely royalty free for all uses
  • presented in a widely used GIS file format (shape files) and ready to use with MAPublisher and most GIS packages
  • organized by province or territory using proper names for easy and convenient  access
  • each province or territory's data is regionally subdivided for ease of use
  • includes pre-joined (polylined) roads with concatenated name columns for easier labeling
  • 13 data layers included for each province or territory including joined and segmented roads
  • Each data layer in this set contains comprehensive attribute information for easy identification and labeling of all map feature types
  • matches and aligns with MAPdataUSA to form a contiguous US/Canada data set
  • cross-platform (Windows and Mac) compatibility

The following is a list of the data layers included in the MAPdataCanada data set:

Boundary (Area) Features

  • All provinces and territories
  • Regional boundary files within each province or territory
  • Water polygons
  • Census subdivisions
  • Consolidated subdivisions
  • Census divisions

Linear Features

  • Roads (joined and segmented)
  • Railways
  • Utilities

Polylined (joined) Linear Features

  • Roads

Point Features

  • Airports
  • Places

Refer to the Layer Names and Attribute Codes PDF for detailed info.

MAPdataCanada is currently available at the following prices*

MAPdataCanada stand-alone DVDUS$499
MAPdataCanada stand-alone DVD for MAPublisher or Geographic Imager Maintenance Program MembersUS$469
MAPdataCanada DVD (for MAPdataUSA 3.0 licensees)**US$469
MAPdataCanada DVD bundled with MAPublisher US$1699
MAPdataCanada DVD & MAPdataUSA DVD bundle US$899
MAPdataCanada regional packages***US$179
MAPdataCanada server license email

* all prices in US dollars, shipping extra.
** proof of ownership required
*** available regional packages are: Western Canada (Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nunavut); Eastern Canada (Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island); and Ontario.

The following documentation is included with MAPdataCanada. They contain more specific information about the data, layers, features and licensing options. These documents are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader in order to be viewed.

MAPdata Canada documentation Tutorial (2.9 MB)
Introduction (567 KB)
Regional Subdivisions (4.1 MB)
Layers & Attributes (584 KB)
Datum & Projection Information (291 KB)
License Agreement (433 KB)
Additional Legal Notes (36 KB)

The data ships with a complete set of supporting documents.

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