MajorCitiesUSA - United States wide data in ESRI ArcView shapefile and Adobe Illustrator formats for MAPublisher

MajorCitiesUSA is a dataset of the United States created using the US Census Bureau TIGER® 2000 data files. Each Adobe Illustrator file contains separate layers for each map feature such as counties, landmarks and roads. Up to twelve different features are included for each region*. For regions encompassing more than one county, individual county data files have been grouped to form a single Adobe Illustrator layer. For example, in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, all the linear water features for three counties are on a single layer. The only exception is with road files which are on a separate layer for each county in a coverage area. MajorCitiesUSA is the perfect base for cartographic production of the largest US metropolitan areas—using MAPublisher for Adobe Illustrator or another GIS application.

MajorCitiesUSA map features contain attribute data such as name, length or size and type. For example, a road layer would have an attribute table containing the road name, its length and road type. When this data is used with MAPublisher, features can be easily found and stylized, labeled or deleted as desired. Maps can be transformed and reprojected as desired. Use some, all or even overlay your own data to create custom maps.

Please note that MarjoCitiesUSA data are not finished maps. They are plain Adobe Illustrator documents consisting of black lines, polygons and points on a white 8.5x11 inch art board size in an appropriate orientation (landscape or portrait). No styles have been applied to the documents. The complete styling of the map is left to you, the cartographer or graphics professional. Download a sample of the MajorCitiesUSA dataset.


Feature Highlights

Aside from the convenience of having the data of major cities in the US available at your fingertips in a convenient DVD package, MajorCities USA has the following key benefits:

  • all geographic data has been imported and laid out in Adobe Illustrator in a ready-to-use presentation.
  • for areas covering multiple counties, like feature types have been combined on single layers. (except for roads)
  • all files are geographically referenced and scaled and include the geographic information necessary to transform or project using MAPublisher and to use with additional data files.
  • all road and water line layers have been pre-joined to facilitate easier labeling, style application, legend creation and searching.
  • all road attribute name columns have been concatenated so that the complete name, including road type (street, avenue etc.) and directional variable, is available to facilitate easier labeling and identification.
  • all layers come complete with an attribute table containing unique information for each map feature.

The following is a list of the data layers included in the MajorCitieusUSA dataset*:

  • County boundaries
  • Key geographic locations
  • Landmark points
  • Landmark lines
  • Landmark polygons
  • Miscellaneous transportation
  • Places
  • Railroads
  • Roads
  • Urban areas
  • Water lines
  • Water polygons

*Not all layers may be present for all layers.

See a more detailed description of each layer.

Major Cities USA files are available as individual downloads starting at US$49 or as a complete set on CD-ROM for only US$249 plus shipping. The following are just some of the cities that are available. See the complete list of cities, areas and counties covered as well as what is included and its price.

Atlanta, GA Kansas City, MO
Bay Area (SF), CA Los Angeles County, CA
Boston, MA Manhattan, NY
Chicago, IL Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX New York, NY
Denver, CO Phoenix, AZ
Detroit, MI Portland, OR
Houston, TX Washington, DC (Metro Area)

* all prices in US dollars, shipping extra.
** proof of ownership required

Send us an email and we will send you a quote for creating an Adobe Illustrator file for the area of your choice.

MajorCitiesUSA sample -United States wide data in ESRI ArcView shapefile and Adobe Illustrator formats for MAPublisher

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