MAPdataUSA screenshot - United States map data in ESRI Shapefile and US Census Tiger/Line formats

MAPdataUSA is a compilation of data for the United States and its territories including American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, North Marianas Islands and US Virgin Islands. It was produced from the US Census Department TIGER/Line 2004 files and contains as many as 45 data layers in ESRI shapefile format for all 3000+ counties and similar entities in the US and its territories. Also included are special polylined (or joined) layers for each county's road and water networks as well as supplementary DBF files for the roads and landmarks. The polylined road layers also include concatenated road name fields for ease of labelling and selection.

This is the first complete set of TIGER 2004 data available on a five DVD set and the only source of joined roads and water layers. It is also available on CD as individual states.

Like MAPdataCanada, MAPdataUSA is a royalty-free data set that allows for the unrestricted use of all files for the design and creation of maps for print and/or electronic distribution.


Feature Highlights

Aside from the convenience of having the entire United States data available at your fingertips in a convenient DVD package, MAPdataUSA has the following key benefits:

  • completely royalty free for all uses
  • available in a GIS file format (ESRI shapefiles) and ready to use with MAPublisher and most GIS packages
  • organized by state and county using proper names for easy and convenient access
  • includes pre-joined (polylined) roads and water lines for each county
  • includes ZIP code tabulation areas and separate county boundary by state files
  • includes 108th and 109th congressional districts
  • Each data layer in this set contains comprehensive attribute information for easy identification and labeling of all map feature types
  • up to 45 data layers per county
  • roads name columns have been concatenated for ease of labeling and selecting
  • handy index for quickly locating state and county files
  • includes additional data tables for roads and landmarks
  • includes full TIGER/Line documentation in PDF format
  • cross-platform (Windows and Mac) compatibility

The following is a partial list of the data layers included in the MAPdataUSA data set:

Boundary (Area) Features

  • Block Groups (2000 & 2004)
  • Census Blocks (2000 & 2004)
  • Census Tracts (2000 & 2004)
  • Congressional Districts
  • County Boundaries (2000 & 2004)
  • ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (3-digit & 5-digit) (2000 & 2004)

Linear Features

  • Hydrography (water lines such as rivers and canals etc.)
  • Roads
  • Railways

Polylined (joined) Linear Features

  • Roads

Point Features

  • Landmark points
  • Places

See the complete list of layers.

MAPdataCanada is currently available at the following prices*

MAPdataUSA 3.0 stand-alone 5-DVD set US$499
MAPdataUSA 3.0 stand-alone 5-DVD set for MAPublisher or Geographic Imager Maintenance Program Members US$449
MAPdataUSA 3.0 5-DVD set (upgrade from MAPdataUSA 2K)** US$349
MAPdataUSA 3.0 5-DVD set bundled with MAPublisher US$1699
MAPdataUSA 3.0 Individual States on CD US$179
MAPdataUSA 3.0 server license e-mail

* all prices in US dollars, shipping extra.
** proof of ownership required

The following documentation is included with MAPdataUSA. They contain more specific information about the data, layers, features and licensing options. These documents are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader in order to be viewed.

MAPdataUSA documentation Tutorial (3.4 MB)
Introduction (14 KB)
Layers (78 KB)
Datum & Projection Information (37 KB)
License Agreement (61 KB)
TIGER 2004 Manual (1.6 MB)

The data ships with a complete set of supporting documents.

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