MAPdataWorld - World-wide data in ESRI ArcView shapefile, MapInfo TAB, and MID/MIF formats

MAPdataWorld is a compilation of GIS data covering the world at 1:15 million scale. This detailed world vector dataset was initially created by Avenza Systems reseller and digital data experts, The XYZ Digital Map Company, and was specially created and designed for Avenza and MAPublisher® users. This dataset is based on The Digital Chart of the World (DCW) and has been extensively improved and attributed. As a result, it contains many data and design elements you will not find anywhere else. MAPdataWorld comes complete with ESRI Arcview project and shapefiles, MapInfo TAB and workspace files, and a set of MAPublisher-optimized MID/MIF files which have been fine tuned and simplified for optimum performance with MAPublisher.

MAPdataWorld has everything needed to make detailed maps of the world or world regions, whether it is for publication or for use within a GIS. Vector data layers include towns, roads, railways, rivers, lakes, administration areas and lines, symbols and physical names. Raster contour and hillshading layers are also available. This is a royalty-free* dataset that allows for the unrestricted use of all files for the design and creation of maps for print and electronic distribution. MAPdataWorld is available as a complete 3-part set on CD or as individual (ESRI, MapInfo & MAPublisher) datasets by download.

Note: This data set is circa 2008 and as such the international political boundaries contained in this data set may not necessarily reflect the current world state.


Feature Highlights

Aside from the convenience of having an entire dataset of the world at your fingertips in a convenient package, MAPdataWorld has the following key benefits:

  • completely royalty free for all uses
  • available ESRI shapefile, MapInfo MID/MIF and MAPublisher-optimized formats
  • includes national road and rail networks
  • includes hydrologic features such as drainage, rivers and lakes
  • selected features include attributes for labelling
  • includes raster hillshading and contours
  • roads name columns have been concatenated for ease of labeling and selecting
  • project and workspace files contain labels set at pre-determined zoom levels for ease of viewing
  • MAPublisher-optimized files include preset labels that can be used without further modifications
  • cross-platform (Windows and Mac) compatibility

The following is a partial list of the data layers included in the MAPdataWorld dataset. Note: Not all layers may be present for all areas.

Boundary (Area) Features

  • Administrative regions - national boundaries*
  • Oceans - oceans of the world

Linear Layers

  • Hydrography/drainage - water lines such as rivers and canals etc.
  • Roads - major road networks in a fully topological form
  • Railways - main rail lines

Point Features

  • Cities and towns - capital cities, and five other municipal classes based on population

Raster Features

  • Hillshading - Hillshading that, when combined with contours, shows effectively height changes of the land.

* This data set is circa 2008 and as such the international political boundaries contained in this data set may not necessarily reflect the current world state.

See the complete list of layers.

MAPdataWorld is currently available at the following prices*

MAPdataWorld stand-alone 3-part CD US$999
MAPdataWorld ESRI shapefile dataset (download only) US$599
MAPdataWorld MapInfo dataset (download only) US$599
MAPdataWorld MAPublisher-optimized dataset (download only)US$599
MAPdataWorld 3-part set on CD bundled with MAPublisher** US$2199
Any MAPdataWorld dataset (single format) bundled with MAPublisher** US$1899
MAPdataWorld 3-part set on CD and MAPdataUSA or MAPdataCanada US$1349
Any MAPdataWorld server license e-mail

* all prices in US dollars, shipping extra.
** proof of ownership required

Map data for the world


*** MAPdataWorld is royalty-free in the sense that publishing rights are bundled with the data and that no further royalties need be paid to use the data to publish finished maps. However, each instance of publication must include the following copyright notice: "Digital Map Data © (year) Avenza Systems Inc. ( / XYZ Digital Map Company (", where the year shall be the year in which the data was purchased. Redistribution of the data as data is strictly prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement and illegal use of the data.

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