MAPublisher Training Videos

MAPublisher training videos offer a great value to learn and train about MAPublisher and Adobe Illustrator

Avenza Systems has partnered with Red Geographics to offer a complete set of MAPublisher training videos. These tutorial videos, while not intended to replace a hands-on training course, offer a complete rundown of all MAPublisher features through a number of practical exercises.

Developed by Hans van der Maarel of Red Geographics, a cartographer and GIS consultant with over ten years of experience using MAPublisher and Adobe Illustrator. Special care was taken to match the tutorials to real-world applications of MAPublisher.

Whether you are a long-time MAPublisher user, keeping your cartography skills up-to-date, or a novice with no prior experience, these tutorial videos are an ideal way to learn about MAPublisher.


The training videos contain more than 4 hours of content and are divided into several sessions, ranging in length from 15 to 50 minutes. These videos are available to be viewed on the Avenza YouTube channel and are in English only.

Some of the tools and features may have been updated in the latest release of MAPublisher or Adobe Illustrator. These videos are intended to be used as a guide only.

Session 1: MAP Views
  • Simple Import
  • Advanced Import
  • Multiple MAP Views
  • Multiple Art Boards
  • Geodatabases

Session 2: Attributes and Selections
  • MAP Attributes
  • Attribute Schema
  • Selection Filters

Session 3: MAP Themes
  • Stylesheets
  • Charts
  • Dot Density

Session 4: Data Creation
  • Area Plotter
  • Line Plotter
  • Point Plotter
  • Plot Centroids
  • Plotter Tools

Session 5: Geoprocessing
  • Join Points
  • Join Lines
  • Simplify Art
  • Flip Lines
  • Buffer Objects
  • Line Tools

Session 6: Advanced Attribute Operations
  • Join Table
  • Alter Object Properties
  • Split Layer / Merge Layer

Session 7: Thematic Tools
  • Rotate by Attribute
  • Create Halo
  • Dash Offset

Session 8: Labelling
  • MAP Tagger Tool
  • MAP Contour Tagger Tool
  • Create Knockouts
  • Label Features
  • MAP LabelPro
  • Text Utilities

Session 9: Map Paraphernalia
  • Grids & Graticules
  • North Arrow
  • Scale Bar
  • Legend
  • Index

Session 10: Miscellaneous Tools
  • MAP Vector Crop Tool
  • MAP Locations
  • Georeferencing
  • Preferences
  • Document Summary
  • Layer Note
  • Copy Objects From

Session 11: Exporting Data
  • Exporting Vector
  • Exporting Raster
  • MAP Web Author
  • Geospatial PDF
  • Export Image


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