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Intelligent Collision-Free labeling

improved MAPublisher® LabelPro™ employs the EZ-Label technology from MapText Inc. Fast, efficient and customizable, it is the best cartographic labeling engine in the mapping industry today, and offers a complete rule-based system for collision-free text placement within MAPublisher and Adobe Illustrator. Save countless hours of tedious post-labeling refinement of your map labels with MAPublisher LabelPro.

Intelligent placement

Label Filters

new Label or obstacle unique values for a specified attribute. Create multiple label filters to perform flexible labeling options. Batch generate Label Filters to create multiple filters with only a few clicks. One of the easiest ways to get detailed labeling results.

Intelligent placement

Leader Lines

improved Features are sometimes too small to fit a label in or around it. MAP LabelPro can automatically add leader lines to these features. Specify the ability to cross lines, the leader width and arrow style. Placement is clean and aesthetic.

Leader lines
Angled placement

Angled Placement

MAP LabelPro takes into consideration the dominant angle of a feature and places the label parallel to it.

Stacked Placement

Stack long, one-line labels into multi-line labels. Works great on multiple word labels such as streets, points of interests and densely labelled areas.

Stacked placement
Offset placement

Offset Placement

Place labels using an offset or on a centerline. Offset labels above or below a line. Vertical split option places multiple word labels above and below the line and relative to the center of the line. If the generated label only has one word, it will be placed on the suppression layer. A centerline option places labels directly on top of the line.

Font Reduction

Automatically reduce the label size incrementally, when necessary. Each step shrinks the selected font by 0.5 pt. Very useful in densely labelled areas.

Font Reduction


Labels are allowed to overhang a line up to a set percentage. The percentage of overhang is relative to the start of the label and the end of the line.

Allow overhangs

Point Placement

improved Fine tune label placement around points. Click the placement buttons in the desired order of priority.

Point placement
Curved linear placement

Curved Linear Placement

MAP LabelPro can achieve high-quality labels on curved line features. This is perfect for street or river feature labeling.

Line Symbol Placement

improved MAP LabelPro can intelligently place symbols on vector lines. Control the text within the symbol. It includes predefined road shields for Canada and the United States. Include your own symbols to customize the look of your map.

Line symbol placement
Word spread placement

Word Spread Placement

This cartographic labeling convention can be easily achieved by using this option. It works great on street labels and large areas.

Incorporated into MAPublisher

MAP LabelPro is already installed with MAPublisher. There's no need to install further software. Just purchase a license, activate and start labeling.

MAPublisher toolbar

Save Styles and Rules

Save styles and rules to a file for future use or to share with multiple users across a network or across the country. Importing them is easy as dropping them into a MAPublisher LabelPro settings folder.

Save styles and rules

License Management

Easily manage license options including commercial,academic, multi-user and floating. Empower multiple users on a network with cost effective network or floating licenses.

License management


improved MAP LabelPro is available for MAPublisher on Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista/7/8 versions.
*Avenza Systems does not guarantee compatibility with third party font managers for Windows or Mac.

Operating system compatibility
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