MAPublisher Spatial Database

MAPublisher Spatial Database screenshot

MAPublisher® Spatial Database builds on the popularity of the Esri geodatabase format and MAPublisher has the ability to import Personal, File and ArcSDE geodatabases*.

MAPublisher Spatial Database offers you the ability to:

  • Import Personal, File and ArcSDE geodatabases
  • Perform SQL queries to extract specific data
  • Work with subtypes and attribute domains
  • Use spatial filters to limit imported geographic areas
  • Use geodatabase data with existing spatial data
  • Assign aliases to feature classes
  • Import data through non-spatial relationships between feature classes and tables
  • Keep the geodatabase data in a central location so that multiple users can access it
  • Efficiently use spatial data.

Geodatabases can be accessed through MAPublisher Import. The supported formats are:

  • Basic ArcSDE Server
  • Basic File Geodatabase Reader*
  • Basic Personal Geodatabase Reader*
  • Esri ArcSDE Geodatabase
  • Esri File Geodatabase
  • Esri Personal Geodatabase

* no ArcGIS license required, compatible on Mac with limited support

Windows 64-bit users who want to have full geodatabase support will need to install CC 2014 32-bit separately as the Adobe Creative Cloud app doesn't include it. Esri geodatabase libraries required for feature class import in MAPublisher are only available in 32-bit.

Esri ArcGIS software and license must be installed to import geodatabases (the only exception is the Basic Personal Geodatabase Reader which does not require any ArcGIS license at all). As a minimum, a free Esri ArcReader license allows users to access feature classes using the Basic ArcSDE Server format, with some limitations on the selection functions. The connection to a ArcSDE server requires server access, user account and versioning information to be provided by the database administrator. ArcSDE connections are supported up to ArcGIS 10.2. See the geodatabase compatibility table.


Feature Highlights

Import feature classes from Esri File,Personal and ArcSDE geodatabases. Use MAPublisher Simple or Advanced Import to choose specific or all feature classes. Supported geometry types include: point, polyline, polygon, bezier curve, and annotations.

Select feature class

Build SQL statements to limit the number of objects and attributes imported from a single feature class. Search for feature classes and attributes, use the interface to build a query, validate query statements to limit import errors. It is possible to perform multiple queries across multiple feature classes within the same geodatabase.

SQL query

Use a spatial filter to limit the geographic area for the data being imported. A spatial filter consists of the four corners defining the extents of a feature class. Enter new coordinates values using the selected file source coordinate system or using an alternate coordinate system.

Create spatial filters

Esri ArcSDE Geodatabases can be imported through the Simple Import and Advanced Import functions of MAPublisher. Create new connections to one or many ArcSDE geodatabases. Save, edit and remove connections for easy management of multiple data sets.

Import from ArcSDE

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