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Avenza Maps for Windows

Update: Avenza Maps for Windows has been released. It's available on the Microsoft Store.


Original post:

You have all been vocal in your support for a Windows Phone version of PDF Maps so we're excited to tell you that the Beta is now available to the public. As a tester, you get to have a direct influence over how PDF Maps looks and feels. Be sure to submit any feedback and issues of your experience with as much detail as possible so that we can make improvements to the app. We highly recommend sending screen shots, crash logs and detailed workflows for any issues you come across.


  • Windows Phone with Windows 8.1 or greater
  • Minimum 512MB RAM

PDF Maps saves maps and data directly on internal storage, so be sure you have enough storage space for importing and storing maps and data.

How to get PDF Maps

If you're interested in joining our beta program to get early access to PDF Maps for Windows Phone, simply send us an email with your name and Microsoft Live account email. You need to have a Microsoft account in order to access the Windows Phone Store to download PDF Maps. If you don't have a Microsoft account, go to Microsoft account setup to create a new one, then send your Microsoft Live email to us so that we can invite you.

Tools and Features

  • Add maps from local storage, URLs and the PDF Maps Store (Access to the Map Store is limited to free content only, paid maps can be seen in the catalog but you will be unable to download them)
  • Edit and delete maps
  • Create map folders
  • View map Details
  • Display your current location on a map (if you are located on it)
  • Follow your current location on a map (not to be confused with creating a GPS track of your movement)
  • Compass mode (not all Windows phones have compasses, check your device specifications of your phone is equipped with one)
  • Coordinate display with multiple format options
  • Adding placemarks and editing placemark title, description and location
  • Map Features List (only Placemarks at this time, measurements and tracks will be added in the future)
  • Measuring distances and areas (currently only in metres)
  • Find coordinates
  • View map extent in Bing Maps

Added in the latest beta release:

  • Import and export KML/KMZ files
  • Import .pdfmaps files
  • Layer visibility can be turned on or off
  • Added My Account to Map Store (limited to free maps only)

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Pdf maps phone app

Please send info on installing the app. Thanks.

Great app!

Great app!


Hello, i just mailed you. Hello, please add me to your windows phone beta, so i can purchase a map of yours and use it in one of my excursions!

Interested in a beta version

Interested in a beta version for WP

re: Interested in a beta version

Hi Scott, please send your Windows Live account to pdfmaps@avenza.com so that we can invite you. Thanks!

Win Phone support

Hope you guys are able to add us to your supported list. We might be a small group, but we are a passionate bunch. :)

windows beta trial of avenza

as my eyesight is getting worse I need a bigger screen to view my maps on. I use avenza for my job searching for gas wells . Hope you may be able to help. Regards Stephen wilde

Ich hoffe die map ist okay.

Ich hoffe die map ist okay. Ich benötige Curacao

re: Ich hoffe die map ist okay.

We have two maps of Curacao in the PDF Maps Store.

PDF Maps for Windows Phone Beta Available

I emailed you with my MSA, please add me to the beta when you get a chance.

Avensa on windows 8 or 10 HP elite pad tablet

Looking to test for field use. Please add me to beta list.

re: Avenza on windows 8 or 10 HP elite pad tablet

We will add you to this beta list.

PDF Maps - Windows 8.1 Xplore B10

Hi, I just tried installing the latest beta from the MS store and it seemed to install OK but when I try to open it the words "pdf maps" flash briefly but then disappear. PDF Mapsdoes not appear to be running in Task Manager but there is still a icon for it in the Taskbar. Happy to help try and troubleshoot, would like to get PDF Maps running on this tablet. Regards, Trevor

app wont open in widows 10 tablet

HI VERY much like the PDF MAPS reviews etc.. But Down loaded the app from Windows store But it will not open It just Flashes [Starts to open] but then cuts off.. CHEERS TO THE TEAM ,,BARRY IN STH AUST..

re:app wont open in widows 10 tablet

Hi Barry, please send us some more information about your device and which beta you are using to pdfmaps@avenza.com. We'll try to get things working. Thanks!

beta ????

HI ,Avenza team,,Thanks for reply i am not sure what Beta means???. The tablet is a Leader Tablet -windows10 quad core intel baytrail-1.8ghz ram ddr3-2gb built in 32g flash memory. I have a 14g miro card installed I have just bought this tablet to use for your pdf maps app!! for out back driving I am 76 y/old here & not a Whiz on computers [sorry] CHEERS BARRY..

Multipage pdf

I use multi page pdfs and I can only view the first page in "pdf maps". It would make my life much easier if I could view the rest of the pages in the pdf's I create. Please and thank you.

Multipage pdf

Thanks for your feedback. We're still collecting feature requests and this has been a request made by other users as well. We will add this to our list of tasks and pass it on to the development team.

Hi,I already emailed you my

Hi, I already emailed you my name and Windows Live Account. Will there be an E-mail soon? Need the app for university tomorrow... Thank you

re: Hi,I already emailed you my

Hi Marie, we sent emails to the address you provided. I hope you got them. Thanks for signing up.

Download problems on windows phone

When i open link that you sent to me it redirects me to microsoftstore.com and i can't find app to download. I already had installed app but unintentionally uninstalled it. Now i can't open download link properly. Please help me

...app N/A...

....me too...

re: ...app N/A...

Hi there, send us an email at pdfmaps@avenza.com and we can set you up with the beta properly. Thanks.

O pdf maps não esta

O pdf maps não esta reconhecendo o mapa florestal no lumia 640 qual o procedimento.

re: O pdf maps não esta

Hi Jose, please send an email with your issue to support@avenza.com. Thank you.


gostaria de partipar da versão do pdf maps beta no meu windows phone 640 xl obrigado.

PDF maps to windows nokia

Dear, I want to get the app for my Nokia lumia 635. How can i get it?? Regards. Gastón

re: PDF maps to windows nokia

Hi Gastón, please email us at pdfmaps@avenza.com with your Windows Live account email and we can get you started on the beta.

PDF Maps just flashes when I open it, Windows 10

Hi, I have two Panasonic tough pads and I have installed PDF Maps from the Microsoft Store. When I open the app it just flashes and doesn't open. I have reinstalled it. Any ideas? Thanks.

mine too

HI ,,YES I have the same issue Lets hope theres a fix for that issue.. CHEERS BARRY[DOWN-UNDER]

re:PDF Maps just flashes when I open it, Windows 10

Hi Simon, sorry you're facing this issue. If you can provide some more details about your hardware setup to pdfmaps@avenza.com that will be extremely helpful to help solve your issue. Thanks, -PDF Maps team

surface pro 3/windows 10 bugs

-touch screen is off a bit. when i want to click on a folder, it actually clicks about an inch below, which is usually the folder below. -often i do not get my folder or file names, only iFolder or iPDF Map displayed. if i go back a level then re-enter my main folder, i will then see the folder names. for the maps, i have to click on a map, then go back in the folder in order to see the map names. -any way to keep the app functions displayed? i.e. the back button within the map display? when traversing a variety of maps, it is a pain to have the extra clicks while i'm navigating on the trail. device: surface pro 3 OS: windows 10

re: surface pro 3/windows 10 bugs

Hi Bob, thanks for the feedback. The developers will review your comments and address the bugs listed. Thanks.

Beta 3

So far Beta 3 seems much more stable and usable than the previous versions on my Lumia 521. Will be trying tracking tomorrow.

re: Beta 3

Thanks Tom! Remember to send us feedback if you find any issues with Beta 3. - PDF Maps Team

PDF Map for Windows Phone

I would like to try out your PDF Maps app on my Windows Phone (which is a Nokia Lumia 930). Thanks, Aron

APP for WP

I work on a reforestation company. Use maps daily and takes too much of this app! I use only Windows Phone

Getting windows10 in phones &

Getting windows10 in phones & pcs is really a good news for all the users.

Yay Beta 2

And it launches on my Nokia Lumia 521. I've been waiting for this day. Thanks.



PDF Maps for Windows Phone Beta Available

PDF Maps for Windows Phone Beta Available faire l essais

re:PDF Maps for Windows Phone Beta Available

Hi Nancy, please email us at pdfmaps@avenza.com with your Windows Live account email and we can get you started on the beta.

pdfmaps beta

Je nest rien recu encore pour telecharger pdfmaps beta

re: pdfmaps beta

Hi Nancy, it was sent to you this morning.

Hi, I wold like to get The

Hi, I wold like to get The app. In android It's very usefull. Thanks.

Hi Adelicio, please email us

Hi Adelicio, please email us at pdfmaps@avenza.com with your Windows Live account email and we can get you started on the beta. Android version is available at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Avenza

Acesso app pdfmaps

Enviei um e-mail ao pdfmaps@avenza.com mas até o momento não tive retorno e não tive acesso ao aplicativo. Aguardo retorno.

Windows Phone Beta App

I just sent an e-mail asking to join the Beta app. Testing on Lumia 925.

re: Windows Phone Beta App

Thanks Garrett, you should receive an email shortly.

windows tablet - 'surface pro'

do you have an app for the windows tablet?

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