Transferring Maps Between iOS Devices Using AirDrop in Avenza Maps

It is possible to move an imported map from one device with Avenza Maps to another device using AirDrop - a technology for directly transferring files from one Apple device to another and is available on the following:

  • iPhone 5 or later
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad (4th generation) or later
  • iPad mini or later
  • iPod touch (5th generation) or later

The only types of maps that can be transferred through AirDrop are imported maps, that is, ones that were added from through iTunes Connect, from DropBox, a QR Code or from the web. It will not work with maps purchased from the Avenza Map Store. To transfer an imported map using AirDrop, do the following:

  1. Turn on WiFi, Bluetooth and AirDrop on both iOS devices. WiFi and Bluetooth can be found under iOS Settings. To turn on AirDrop, swipe up from the bottom edge of the device to open the Control Center and ensure that AirDrop is set to Everyone.
  2. Open the map you would like to transfer.
  3. Tap Map Features.
  4. Tap Export
  5. On the Export Settings screen under Send To, tap AirDrop.
  6. Under Data select All Features and Map or Custom and select the map.
  7. Tap Export. An AirDrop window will appear with a list of available devices to share with. Tap on the name of the other device to share.
  8. On the other device a window will appear notifying you that a device would like to share a file through AriDrop. Tap Accept to start the download.
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Custom Map transfer, old and pro versions of avenza

I'm trying to transfer multiple custom maps to my new iphone with the pro-version of Avenza from my old iphone with the old version. When I use airdrop to transfer custom maps, my new phone dowloads the file, but then searches for an app to open the map. It says that the file requires an app from the App Store (even through I already have avenza downloaded) and links me to a blank page in the app store. Is this because my old phone has the old version of the app? Do I need to update to make this work? Do I need a separate license to make this work or is there a simpler way to transfer custom maps?

I'm haveing problems. It

I'm haveing problems. It doesn't want to send the map. On the receiving iPad the file comes up as empty. What can I do to fix it?

re: I'm haveing problems.

Hi, do you have an Avenza Maps subscription (unlock map import or Avenza Maps Pro)? If you have the free version of the app, you're limited to having three imported maps at a time. If you try to AirDrop a forth map, it will not show up in the map list. If your case is slightly different, contact and our team will try to help you resolve this. Thanks!

Is it possible to share an

Is it possible to share an entire map, placemarks/photos included, with another Android device?

re: Is it possible to share an

Hi, if you have an Avenza Maps account, you will be able to login into your other Android device and download the same map. The easiest way to share placemarks and photos is to export to your Dropbox and then retrieve them on your other Android device. You can also export to an email address, but depending on how many photos you have, it may be easier through Dropbox.

Interesting Feature

Hello, Thanks for the article. I had a great read from your previous blog post: I think this feature can be very helpful to those Apple users who wanted to share locations like resto places and hotels. BTW, does your app also have like shortest path calculation? For example, I am just walking and wants to find the shortest path for my destination? Thank you. - Reagan

re: Interesting Feature

Hi Reagan, our app currently doesn't have a 'shortest path calculation'. We've had users ask about this and we can consider it a feature request for our development team to consider. Thanks!

Thanks for fast response

Hello Admin, Thanks for fast feedback. Yes, I think this can be a helpful feature since you have already have great technology for mapping. Thanks. - Reagan

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