MAPublisher Maintenance Program

The Avenza MAPublisher Maintenance Program (MMP) is a subscription based program that ensures MAPublisher® users receive free product updates and unlimited technical support. License holders are enrolled into the the MAPublisher Maintenance Program as long as his or her license is still active. All non-maintenance technical support matters will be subject to a US$49 per incident charge.

The key components of the Avenza Maintenance Program are:

  • Free product upgrades as they are released. (for your operating system and graphics host application)
  • Free for-download-only updates.
  • Unlimited technical support (8:30 AM–5:00 PM EST) by email, phone and web.
  • Discounts on MAPublisher training and data sets.
  • Access to the Avenza Forums.
  • Other special maintenance-customer-only offers.
  • Free rehostings or moves of licenses to a new computer (subject to approval). Non-maintenance rehosts are subject to a US$25 administrative fee.

A one-year MAPublisher Maintenance Program initial subscription is included with the purchase of a new full version MAPublisher license or an upgrade to any current full version of MAPublisher. This is on all license forms, including academic and floating but excluding student licenses. If you purchased your MAPublisher license prior to the launch of MAPublisher 6.0 you may or may not have purchased a maintenance subscription with it. In most cases maintenance was included however please check your invoice or contact for more information.

Maintenance Purchase Guidelines

  1. The maintenance subscription period starts on the product purchase date as reflected in the associated invoice from Avenza or MAPublisher reseller.
  2. Approximately 8 weeks prior to the expiration of your annual MMP subscription you will be notified regarding renewal options. You will be contacted a minimum of 5 times prior to expiration in order to ensure that you have ample opportunity to renew or not at your discretion. You will have the option of renewing your MMP for an additional year at the then prevailing price or canceling without penalty. Of course, if you cancel or let your MMP lapse you will no longer be entitled to the benefits of the program as outlined above and will thus have to purchase future upgrades and support at the then current prices.
  3. Failure to renew your MMP within 30 days from the expiry date will result in a lapsed MMP subscription. Lapsed subscriptions may not be renewed and the licensee will be required to purchase support and upgrades accordingly.
  4. Renewals are always for one year from the expiry date of the previous year's maintenance subscription regardless of when the renewal payment is made.

The Fine Print

Avenza shall support and provide updates for MAPublisher software ("Software") under a maintenance subscription subject to the following conditions:

Update Service

Avenza shall provide upgrades to the Software on an "as released" basis. Software upgrades shall originate from Avenza or its authorized resellers and shall be provided via download at no cost. Additional fees may be charged for other methods of delivery and for provision of update media kits (CD and hardcopy manual). From time to time additional release updates will also be made available for download to maintenance subscribers. In such cases, maintenance subscribers will be notified by email of the location of the download. If persons other than Avenza modify the software covered by this agreement and as a result thereof require support service by Avenza, then such service will be performed at Avenza's then current time and material rates. Avenza does not warrant or guarantee that it will release any specific minimum number of updates and/or upgrades during any calendar or MAPublisher Maintenance Program subscription period.

Support Service

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, support service shall be performed by email, web and telephone during the principal service hours of 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday, excluding recognized Canadian holidays.

Limitations and Exclusions

Update and Support service shall not include:

  1. maintenance or repair resulting from catastrophe, accident, neglect, misuse, fault or negligence of the Customer or causes external to the Software;
  2. maintenance or repair of the Software when used with an unlicensed, pirated or hacked copy of Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia FreeHand;
  3. service and repair of software or other devices not identified in this agreement;
  4. changes, modification, alterations or options in or to the Software not listed in this agreement;
  5. installation, relocation or removal of the Software or updates to the Software;
  6. damages arising from application or system software problems or failure;
  7. items outside of the Software's documented capabilities;
  8. support for Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand, MapInfo Professional, Arcview GIS and other non-Avenza products;
  9. unauthorized and/or illegal use of any Software license including the transfer to an unauthorized computer, modifying the license file and/or any other form of software piracy and shall result in the immediate termination of maintenance privileges with any refund or rebate for any unused portion thereof.
  10. special discounted licenses including student licenses and those purchased at significantly reduced and discounted package pricing from resellers and distributors may not always qualify for or include maintenance. Please check with Avenza before ordering if you have any concerns.

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