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Update re SD card:
There was/is 20 GB of ‘missing’ space on the 64 GB SD card. I can’t access it via a new partition (tried that, the SD card is a single partition already; only 15 MB is unallocated).
I loaded up Folder Size Explorer, and that only sees 36 GB of data in the folders, but tells me that 95% of the card is in use.
I have unchecked the “hide hidden files” in Windows Explorer (nothing new to be seen).
I copied all the data from the SD card onto the C-Drive of my laptop and… it only shows 36 GB of used space. Good, right? Not really.
I copied the folders from the C-drive onto a brand new 128 GB SD card, and…it still takes up 56 GB!
Next issue is the Microsoft ReadyBoost setting on the SD card. Android doesn’t take advantage of this feature so it is useless unless you have a spinning HDD, which the tablets don’t have. If it is turned on it will grab a large chunk of the SD card for use as a kind of virtual RAM. Google it if curious.
So I turned OFF the ReadyBoost function on the cards and expected to see a reversion to larger space, but this did not happen = no change.
The next worse news is that when I put the original 64 GB card back into the tablet and launched Avenza…nearly all my Collections are gone! There are only 5 left out of 12.
When I put the 128 GB card in, it is the same thing (same 5 are retained, the rest are gone).
The individual maps are still on the SD card and I can create a new collection (great…) but for some reason the other collections have vanished.
So, is Avenza actually taking up 4.5 x the space of the maps folders instead of 3 x? Why can’t I see this used space?
From what I can tell it is not a function (at all) of the SD card, so that leaves me thinking it is something to do with the Avenza App itself.