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“In general, if the GPS unit will work with the device, Avenza Maps will use it as well. We have only tested with Garmin and Bad Elf GPS receivers, so we know they work, but cannot guarantee that any others work. The steps provided above were for the Windows version of the app which allows users to select the GPS receiver to use inside of Avenza Maps. Unfortunately, this behaviour is for Windows only, and on Android and iOS platforms, there is no way to specify the GPS receiver to use.”


I am wondering if any progress has been made to specify the GPS receiver to use within the Avenza application with an Android tablet. I am working with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S and looking to purchase an external GPS receiver that will pair via bluetooth to my device.

I understand that I can “enable mock locations” for the Avenza applications and adjust the settings to “keep all fixes,” but I am still unsure how I will be certain that Avenza is in fact using my external GPS reciever as opposed to the internal (built-in) gps.

The reason I need an external GPS is the project I am working with requires sub-meter accuracy.