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Hi Tomáš,

Thank you for your post! Currently, the “Draw shape around text” action in Text Utilities only allows for the ability to create a shape buffered around the text based on a set distance. In this case, the shape is dynamic and will change based on the size and length of your text. If you want the ability to set the dimensions for a static shape that will be used no matter the size or length of your text, I can go ahead and file a feature request for this. In order to expedite the consideration of implementing this feature, it would help to have a use case explaining how this feature would be utilized and why it would be beneficial to your workflow. When you have the time, please contact us with your use case via the Support Centre form ( > Contact Us) and I will add it to the feature request ticket. If you would like to have your contact details on the request so you are notified when this feature is implemented, please let us know in your use case email.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

All the best,

Applications Specialist
Avenza Systems Inc.