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Thank you for your post.

We have had a few reports of various Illustrator tools/shortcuts not working, however, we have been unable to reproduce this on our end in order to put a fix in place. We believe it is a focus issue (i.e. the focus is getting drawn to a MAPubisher panel and therefore away from the Illustrator artboard).

Is this something that you have been able to consistently reproduce across documents/working sessions? If so, can you please provide the exact step-by-step process so that we can try to reproduce this on our end and hopefully get a fix in place?

As well, if you can please confirm that you are using Windows 10 for all instances where you are experiencing this, as well as what version of MAPublisher and Adobe Illustrator? Finally, if you are only seeing this behavior on specific documents, can you please share one of these documents with us via the form at

Thank you,

Avenza Support