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External GPS
Hello, I am a member of a Search and Rescue air unit, we have just started using AM as the other search units are also doing so. Many of us have WI Fi Ipads and use external GPS’s to provide location data. I have found that when using my “Stratus GPS” or another member with “Sentry GPS” which work very well with the Ipad and our flight programs “Foreflight” the “record GPS tracking” function does not work as states “poor GPS accuracy” The internal gps on my iphone 10 works with the AM installed on the phone,but when pairing my iphone with the ipad, same error message of poor GPS accuracy occurs. The map function works with the external GPS with a jerky movement of the current location marker, but as mentioned the tracker does not.
It appears for GPS tracking only internal GPS will work?? Any thoughts or ideas to have external GPS devices power all functions??