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Thank you for your post.

If you create a template within the app, you are able to use text editors like Notepad++ to manipulate the data, however, you’ll need to first generate a schema file so you can see how it works. It should also be noted that editing in the text editor isn’t easy and if something isn’t formatted correctly, the schema won’t work properly.

This is a small snippet of the schema file:
<SimpleField name=”A1 Date” type=”string”/>
<SimpleField name=”A2 Visit Number” type=”string”/>
<SimpleField name=”A3 Treatment Type” type=”string”/>
<SimpleField name=”A4 DIY Landcare Kit and Re-fill Subscription” type=”bool”/>

It is possible, but there could be issues. If you’d like I can file a feature request so a schema editor could possibly be added for a desktop/web version so it would make editing the schema easier.