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Makes sense. It looks like the Tagger tool is constrained by Illustrator’s odd setup of having two different type styles (character and paragraph). The Tagger appears only to use the character styles, which don’t allow alignment to be specified.

I’ve only recently migrated from FreeHand, and the Tagger tool in FreeHand worked just fine because there was only one set of styles for type.

Doing a “select all” doesn’t work in my current project, which has a scale of 1:750,000. Any drainage data that gives sufficient detail for the linework also has far too many labels if I try to bring them up all at once. But I wouldn’t want to do that anyway; at this scale, I prefer to name features by choosing them one at a time, rather than by subtracting the ones I don’t want.

Thanks for your help!

Charles Syrett
Map Graphics