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Hi Joe,

Thank you for your post.

Within ArcMap there are a few spots where you can adjust the size of your map:

– Print Layout
– Layout view/toolbar
– as well as through scripting commands (SetPageSize)

Looking at the other post you shared, it is possible to import large map files, and it is completely based on the processing ability of the device as well as the general map extents/size. As you noted, when you reduced the size it did work, so it seems that you may have found that threshold already. There is no size limit/restriction for the free version, as even those on Pro may have difficulty with a 2GB map. To be honest, I’ve seen people with a 300MB map have problems as it all depends on the detail within the map, the number of zoom levels that are created (which is based on resolution, so any control here has to be done on the map creation side), and the processing ability of the device.

Did you have any luck importing it on your iPad? Looking at the S7 specs, it does appear to be an older device (initially released in 2016), however, it does appear to have 4GB of RAM which theoretically should be enough, but again given that it’s an older device, it may not be processing and utilizing that RAM in an optimal state.

If you’d like to reach out to us via and share the file you are working with that is not working (the larger file) we’d be happy to take a look and see if there is anything specific, other than size that might be causing any issues.

Avenza Support