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Thanks for the reply, Kate. Sorry, typo, I have a Galaxy S9 (released 2018), but it looks like it also only has 4 GB RAM.

Exporting the the imagery from Arc at 2400 dpi, just below a 2 GB file, is working on my Galaxy. It takes Avenza 2-3 hours to process and tile the map but it seems to work great once imported. But, yea, anything above that won’t import, so I guess that’s the limitation for my Galaxy (which I’m impressed with, so no complaints).

I have a 2016 Ipad pro, which only has 2 GB RAM (such a big device, so little power!) and the size limit is much smaller for importing maps. For the same maps I’m importing onto my Galaxy, the largest file the iPad will take is 1.16 GB (1900 dpi export from Arc). So, I guess about half the RAM, about half the file size. I need a new Ipad…

– Joe