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Hi Jimbo,

Thank you for making a post.

You can connect an external GPS to your device to improve the accuracy of your GPS fixes. This allows you to attain much greater accuracy than your device alone is able to achieve.

In order to work with Avenza Maps, you must have your GPS device correctly synced with your phone or tablet. This is done by downloading the corresponding app for your device and ensuring the device is successfully paired with the app.

Currently, Avenza Maps only directly interfaces with Trimble devices, however, if you are able to connect with other devices (e.g. Geode) successfully, you will see the improved GPS results within the app.

There are a lot of Bluetooth GPS units that we have specific partnerships with and others that are less official, but it should work. Depending on the brand, we have noticed some external GPS units work better than others when it comes to certain platforms like iOS. Accuracy and function is dependent on your device, the Avenza Maps app is fed fixes from the operating system, so essentially, if the GPS unit is properly feeding it and the device is happy, it will work.

The following link below offers more information, steps and images to help you for your device:
Connecting to an External GPS Device