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hi Avenza team.
since my first discovering and using Avenza maps in 2017 I have recommended to so many people.
IMO Apple car play integration would make an already great piece of software totally brilliant…
in Australia with Covid restrictions people are buying 4WD vehicles and traveling within the country, you could quite easily tap into a new and quite significant market of 4WD owners for Off roading/Overlanding that are currently using HEMA [on a stand alone Platform] or VMS [which i do personally own, it cost AUD $100.00 but have not used since I got Avenza maps]
being able to use my “Go To” off-roading software on the 9″ screen in my 2021 Toyota Prado would be brilliant…
Apple car play integration is the MUST HAVE progression for this Awesome product.
All the best from Down Under
Regards Pete K