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Collect Averaged Placemarks Directly into the Current Layer

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    While I am thrilled that Avenza now supports GPS averaging, I am very frustrated by the current workflow required to get an averaged placemark into the current layer. It appears that placemarks collected through the GPS averaging tool always go to their own layer, ‘Averaged Placemarks’, regardless of what the current layer is.

    This is my understanding of the process to work around this (Android):
    (After collecting the point) Edit Map Feature menu > overflow > Move to Folder > [target layer] > Apply default layer style to moved item > Back > select feature > tap title to open ‘Edit Map Feature’ menu > enter attributes.

    As if that process weren’t gnarly enough, the moved feature retains the four fields from the ‘Averaged Placemarks’ layer– but the values in those fields are cleared. Even if the schema of the target layer has the fields, you end the process with four empty, extraneous fields associated with the feature. Mercifully, the text summary stored in field ‘Description’ is retained after the move, but this assumes I don’t have other plans for that field.

    I would really like to see the GPS averaging tool honor the current layer setting. Less importantly: it would be nice that, if the schema of the current layer contained the ‘Averaged Placemarks’ fields, those fields were populated by the tool.


    Hello Nicholas,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    This is a new feature that we have implemented recently in our 3.7 update and this feedback is incredibly valuable to us. I have looked into this issue and have found that the fields are not being retained when you move the placemark because the fields are currently in a “limbo” state at the point at which you move it. If you were to back out of the placemark to place it in a “saved” state and then go back into the placemark and moved it, your values for these fields would be retained. I completely understand that this is adding additional steps to your already lengthy workflow and I have raised this with our QA Team who are working with me now to improve this. On iOS, the process of moving the placemarks to a different layer is much faster and easier than on Android so we will be looking at aligning the two platforms.

    The main reason why we didn’t want the GPS averaged placemarks to obey the ‘current layer’ is that with the feature comes 4 additional attributes that would be added to the schema of every layer that one of the averaged placemarks is added to. We know from speaking with our users that multiple layers are used simultaneously for different types of data collection, with the active layer being switched all the time, so if the averaged placemarks were to obey the current layer, this data will be spread across multiple layers and additional attributes added to each specific schema. We had the idea to keep all of this data in one place instead of polluting other schemas with additional attributes. I can file a feature request for GPS averaged placemarks to obey the current layer and include your contact information (if you would like to provide it by contacting us via so that you will be notified if this is implemented in a future update. Any additional information you could provide as to why this would improve your workflow would be really helpful.

    Kind Regards,
    Avenza Systems Inc

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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