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copy-paste a list of values as "picklist" values in Avenza Maps schema

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am wondering if anyone has figured out how to optimize populating Avenza Maps Schema Attribute picklists- beyond copy-paste of individual values?
    For example, I have long lists of values that I would like to paste directly into the Avenza Maps Schema and have each line item as a separate picklist value.



    Thank you for your post. If you have a template of your Attribute Schema and you would like to edit it and add your list of “Pick List Values”, you can do it in-app, however, you can edit the Attribute Schema’s .kml file inside of a text editor like notepad++. However, doing it successfully can be very tricky since the formatting can’t be incorrect or else the schema won’t read correctly within the app.

    On another forum post, someone suggested having easier manipulation and editing for the schema would be beneficial and I agree. If you’d like I can add you to the feature request for it. So you will be notified if and when we implement something more intuitive that’s hopefully editable within a desktop/website setting.


    I’ve found the best way to handle a lot of picklist items while setting up a template schema is to use an advanced text editor like Notepad++ as mentioned above but to incorporate Excel to facilitate a whole list of lines that can then be copied and pasted at once.

    1. Open excel and create your desired picklist of items in col A.
    2. Add the following formula to the cells in col B:
    3. Fill the cells in col B as needed to generate the list of kml formatted lines
    4. Copy col B and use paste special to paste the values into col C (this will make sure you’re copying the proper text and not the excel formula)
    5. Open the target schema’s .kml file in notepad++ and find the picklist for your desired attribute (the best way to ensure the proper kml structure is to create a rough template schema of your desired features with at least one picklist item for each feature so that you’re not trying to do it from scratch in notepad++)
    6. Copy the values from col C of the excel spreadsheet and paste the full list of desired picklist items at once!

    Hope that’s helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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