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    I recently purchased a delorme atlas for use with avenza on my ipad. I like the detail but how do i get a seamless view of the entire map with avenza? Only getting to view one page at a time is not very useful. The Benchmark atlas is seamless for the entire state. Can I do this Delorme as wee?



    Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to view all the maps at the same time, but the maps should’ve downloaded into a collection which would allow the maps to be “stitched” together so you will be able to switch between maps by swiping in the direction or tapping on the Overview map. In addition, you can also have maps of different scales. For example, you could have the map of the entire state, but when you zoom in further, you can actually view those local area maps. They will essentially act as inset maps.

    For all the information about Collections, you can read our support article:

    The advantage to having a seamless map for the entire state is that you don’t have to move between different maps, however, the issue with that is that the resolution and detail of the map is much lower. Even if those map have high resolution, it won’t be to the same extent that a map of a smaller extent will have.

    Ultimately, this comes down to the vendor as they decide how they want to upload their maps. Benchmark Maps have decided to upload as whole states, whereas, Garmin uploads their Delorme Atlas maps as a collection.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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