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exporting previously self created geospatial pdf's

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    Several years ago I used your software to create geospatial pdf’s for my personal use, almost 20. I have noticed that now you have changed the ability to keep these active (max of 3). Am I able to export/share these back to myself? What is the proceedure to do that? I can’t seem to figure out how to share/email entire maps (that are mine).



    Thank you for your post. It has never been possible to create nor export GeoSpatial PDFs using Avenza Maps (formerly PDF Maps).

    It has always been possible to import GeoSpatial PDF maps into the app and then add map feature data (place-marks, tracks etc) to these base maps. With the introduction of Avenza Maps (November 2016), those using the cost-less download version of the app are now limited to using a maximum of 3 custom maps simultaneously withing the app. Any maps which exceed this limit will become inactive and the Avenza Maps tools will not function with these inactive maps.

    However, these maps can still be viewed and any map feature data (layers) which reside on these inactive maps can still be exported from the app to KML format for usage outside of the app. Thus, you can export the data which you have collected on these maps but the actual base maps will have to be restored from their original GeoSpatial PDF files.

    One exception is if you are using two iOS devices which both support AirDrop. You may be able to share your maps with another iOS device depending upon different factors. However, the maps will remain inside the app as it has always been impossible to export actual maps outside of Avenza Maps, only map feature data.

    If you are using the app for recreation you could purchase a Plus Subscription which would activate all of your maps but again this will not enable the actual export of base maps. For those using the app while “on the job” a Pro Subscription must be acquired to not only activate maps but also adhere to our licensing policy.

    If you have more questions and require further assistance it is best you contact Avenza Support at

    Michael Brancati
    Avenza Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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