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    Hi, I’ve been using Avenza Maps for 5 years and to me its more convenient rather than my regular Garmin GPS. I really loved the PDF map feature which make AvenzaMaps stands higher than other similar apps. One major question that I really need clarification is…

    I noticed that there are 2 sections in Display Format option, one being ‘Map Default’ and the other one is ‘WGS 84’. If I created PDF map using different GCS e.g. Timbalai 1948, load the map and select ‘Map Default” in display format option, which GCS will the apps use to record all my tracks & waypoints?

    If WGS 84 were chosen as default GCS no matter what GCS was used to create the PDF map, I really hope that other GCS can be included in the near future updates since my organisation opted for difference GCS than the universal WGS 84.

    Thank you.


    Hello Desmond,

    Thank you for reaching out to us with your question.

    The Display Format is essentially just a Display Format for viewing maps. Everything is actually being done in WGS-84 behind the scenes as the longitude and latitude components of KML files (our main export format) are defined by the WGS84 coordinate system.

    With a Pro Subscription, you can work with Shapefiles, a format that does allow for other coordinate systems to be used by storing different projection formats within a .prj file. You are given the option to export in Map Default when working with Shapefiles in Avenza Maps where the data is transformed on export.

    Throughout the whole process of working within the app, corrections are taking place in the background to make sure that data isn’t shifted incorrectly.

    If you would care to share your companies workflow with us, perhaps we can suggest some workaround for you if you are having any difficulties. You can contact us through

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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