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    I need some help please. I am new to MaPublisher and am working on a project where by I need to include the gratule lines.

    After importing the shape files as given to me, I have added my gratule lines.

    1) I am not able to scale my map as the gratule line system changes.I need to do the same map in 4 different sizes. Some with a more detailed gratule presenttion.

    2) I am not able to manually amend the lines/co-ordinates, Is it possible to manually move the co-ordinates?

    and most importantly

    3) the gratules are coming in slightly rotated. It is noticable as i need to put a frame on the document.

    Can any one help me with any of these issues.I am quite desparate as I have 35 maps (6 ways each) to prepare and dont know how to fix it. The client wants the gratule lines 90%.

    Many thanks


    Hi Daniella,

    Thank you for your post! When adding graticule lines, it is best to do this after you have done any scaling, as the graticule lines will be impacted by any adjustments made to scale.

    For the different scale levels you are having to do – are you making separate MAP Views for each scale, or just changing the single MAP View each time? If you are using a single MAP View and changing it, you will need to recreate the graticule each time you adjust the scale in order to ensure it is accurate and how you need it.

    For more help with this, and just in case I am missing something in your workflow, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team via with your data (if you can share it) and any other details regarding requirements and we’d be happy to help see how we can optimize this workflow.

    Avenza Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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