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Hot swapping SD cards with maps

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    I would like to see a fix whereby all the collections are stored on the SD card entirely so that each Project can be kept on its own SD card and simply swapped into the tablet before going out on the job. This would result in the specific collections and folders being ‘ready to go’ rather than having to be reloaded manually each time as a new collection. Like hot-swapping SD cards.
    I have just swapped an SD card from another tablet (different licence #) and Avenza doesn’t even recognise it (application not installed).

    A second stage of this fix would be to keep the licence information in the device memory, and just have all the maps and projects on the SD card so different people in the same organisation (with their individual licences) can swap SD cards between them with the project information. Then when they launch Avenza, all the projects are ready to go immediately.


    Thank you for your comment!

    I have forwarded your request to our QA and Development team for their review. Just to confirm, you are looking for this to work with custom imported maps, not map store maps correct?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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