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    Our company is thinking of using this app along with a GNSS based survey system for field recording. We are encountering an issue, in that the background maps in the Trial Version cannot be zoomed in to the level of detail required (we would like sub 0.10m detail). We have not been able to rectify this by importing our own maps. So I have some questions on the back of this…

    1. Does the pro version support import of any type of vector map – and can these be zoomed into sub 0.10m detail?
    2. Does the App have to have a background map in order to collect data?

    Any answers most appreciated!




    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for your post. There is no difference between versions of the app in regards to zoom levels as this is controlled by the map import itself. With the app, there is the option to import maps using high resolution, which can improve the zoom levels possible, however, this is primarily controlled with the original map file itself and how it was produced (e.g. resolution, dimensions, etc.). Unfortunately, there are no guidelines that we can provide that will give you the 0.10m detail, as it varies across maps.

    In regards to your second question, in order to collect data, you do require a map to collect the data on.

    Please note that if you are using the app for commercial purposes, you do require a Pro license for each device in use. If you would like more information regarding our subscriptions, please feel free to reach out to our Sales Team directly.

    If you require any further assistance regarding the app, please feel free to contact our Support Team through the form at

    Thank you,

    Kate B
    Avenza Support


    I have a related issue of resolution – I have exported PDF-maps with or without an image in the background – the ones with only vector (lines, points) data do not behave as a PDF, where the content should be well defined no matter the zoom-in – why only-vector-data maps behave as if they were image-maps? does the App just renders an image for all content and saves it as PDF?


    Hello Ruben,

    When you import Geospatial PDF maps into Avenza Maps, they are rasterized and tiled (converted to an image). To achieve the zoom characteristics of vector data that you are thinking of, the app would need to support vector base maps which it currently does not. By importing your map as a GeoTiff, you can avoid some of the longer processing times associated with converting vector features to raster format.

    Kind Regards,
    Avenza Support


    Yes there is a wall you hit with resolution when zooming in the app even if your PDF is very high DPI. The work around is to export your pdf map with a very large custom page size. The result is that you cannot zoom out fully to the entire extent in the app, but you still have the same capacity to zoom in (ie; at full zoom out, you are still zoomed in, relatively). This allows your map to have a large extent while still maintaining detail. I’ve been exporting maps with 2 X 2 meter page size.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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