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Map Legends in a Map Collection

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    I am making map collections which need map legends for the attribute data on each map. Where best do I put the legend for each map in the collection so the map collection still works properly?
    Can there be a separate map-collection “tile” that can be accessed from the collection tool (in the top left corner of the collection) by a touch? this way we can easily call up/dismiss the “master” map legend for the whole collection, whenever we need it, with just a touch or two.


    Thanks for your forum post. At the moment, there is really no way to accomplish what you describe. (i.e. a map tile/document representing a master map legend) In some cases, users have included a link in their map (bundle) description which directs users to a online document containing the map legend. Alternatively, when you create each of your maps you include a legend on them. If you would like to discuss further or provide more feedback please access the link which follows.

    Michael Brancati
    Avenza Support


    Hi, an alternative could be to georeference the map legend, so it is ‘located’ to the east of your last image, then include it in the collection. That way you could use the collection tool. All this in theory, didn’t try it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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