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    Hello, I have a small problem/question…when I work with MAP Attributes panel I experience a small glitch. With the panel opened if I select more objects on AI artboard one by one (using shift or ctrl) the cursor focus seems to be locked in the MAP Attributes panel (it blinks everytime I select another object) and therefore no keystrokes work in Illustrator (can’t delete the objects or press shortcuts etc…). The same thing happens when an object is selected before I open the MAP Attributes panel (which is kind of logical, but still would be cool if the focus stays rather in Illy until I click a certain attribute in the panel).
    It behaves the same no matter if “Auto-Collapse Iconic Panels” is ticked-on or -off in Illy preferences and no matter if the panel is docked, collapsed, extended, flowing. Is there a way to avoid this behaviour?




    Thank you for that information. I will need to look into this issue further.

    It would also be helpful if you could email us using the Avenza Support Form:

    If you could include the following it would be very helpful…
    1. The version of MAPublisher you are using
    2. The desktop OS you are using
    3. the document where you are experiencing this bug

    Also, are you experiencing this in all of your AI documents or just specific documents?
    If you are experiencing it all of your documents could you try resetting your Workspace?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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