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Missing photos from recorded points

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    I collected photos at a variety of points. Every other time I’ve done this, the photos are stored and then I am able to move them to certain folders on my computer. However, this time I go to a point on the Avenza app, and I can see the thumbnail of the photo but if I click on it it’s just an exclamation point in a circle and I can’t view the photo. Is it stored somewhere on my device (Android Galaxy Active2 tablet) that I can’t access? Did they get deleted? Thanks


    Hello Caitlin,

    It sounds like photos were taken using your device’s camera app, those photos were then added to placemarks in Avenza Maps and then the photos were deleted from your Gallery, breaking the links to them. Your problem will require some further investigation so please contact us through

    If you could please include the following information;

    – The version of Avenza Maps that you are using (found at the top of the Avenza Maps Settings page)
    – Would you please be able to step out your exact workflow so I can repeat your steps if necessary?
    – Did you take the pictures within the Avenza Maps app or with your phone camera and then add those images to placemarks in Avenza Maps afterwards?

    Each type of Android device may be different but if your photos were taken inside of Avenza Maps, your photos may be stored in an internal folder with a File path similar to this one;

    My Files > Internal Storage > Pictures > AvenzaMapsPhotos

    Images can exist here without being in the native gallery app.

    Kind Regards,

    Avenza Systems Inc

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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