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    Hi, fairly new to Avenza so not terribly familiar with map coverage. I live in NH and do a lot of hiking in the White Mtns, so I’m interested in two Nat Geo maps – 740, White Mountain National Forest West [Franconia Notch, Lincoln] and 741, White Mountain National Forest East [Presidential Range, Gorham]. I’ve found those in the Avenza map store. But, the paper versions of each map contain two distinct sections (on front and back of the map), an East Side and West Side for 740 and a North Side and South Side for 741. When I downloaded, only the East Side for 740 and the North Side for 741 loaded to my phone. My question is, was that a download problem, or are the other sides for each map located under a different title in the map store somewhere? I guess I was assuming that all the Nat Geo maps are now available in the map store. Thanks for any help you can give!


    Thank you for your post.

    If you can reach out to the support team at we will be able to review your Avenza account and understand what issue it could be. We would like to review the map that you are trying to download and what device you are using.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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