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    Hi! After using A.M. in the field, I have some suggestions to make:

    -Add a button to use A.M. in full-screen. The information bars occupy a lot of screen space (especially when I use my phone in landscape mode).

    -Add something like google earth’s feature when pushpins are too close one from another. Currently it is really annoying to try to select the right one once the zoom is at max level.

    -Add selectability of the layers, not only visibility.

    -When using collections, show all the maps in the collection when zooming out a lot. Sometimes I was standing at 10km from one point and wanted to see the azimuth I had to follow to get there. It was really difficult to do it because the point was in a different image.

    -Improve the search function. When I have several points with metadata it can take minutes to find something with the search function, because it starts to search after I press every letter! I think disabling the autosearch or predictive search would be a start.

    -I was using A.M. with an external gps (Garmin with Android) using the ‘Bluetooth’ app and mock locations option, but A.M. considered the precision as 30m or something like that, whilst on the GPS it was 3m. The blue dot was on the right place and everything, but for some reason A.M. didn’t get the precision information.

    -When adding photos to a pushpin the photos are named placemark instead of the name of the pushpin if you do it this way:

    1-Add pushpin
    2-Change name
    3-Add photo
    The photos are named correctly if you do it this way:
    1-Add pushpin
    2-Change name
    3-Save the pushpin
    4-Select the pushpin and touch on its name
    5-Add photo.

    Please, don’t make me send an email to support and all that. It’s unpleasant to add all the required information and eliminates the contribution of other users. I’ll just give the feedback over the forum.



    Thank you for the feedback! I have filed your requests, and updated existing requests so that our Development team can review everything!

    In regards to showing all maps in a collection, the overview map in the upper left corner does display all of the maps that you have in that collection. Unfortunately, we cannot display multiple maps in the map view at this time, but the overview map gives a sense of what maps you have as well as shows your current location.

    For the GPS receiver, it’s possible that the receiver was not feeding the information correctly to your device. AM works by just tapping into whatever GPS information the phone delivers. If the GPS receiver is not connecting correctly, or the phone is not giving the information to our app, this can cause problems. We have tested with Garmin devices, and have found them to work very well. If you are still experiencing this issue, can you let me know what Android device you are using, as well as the exact Garmin device?


    Hi, another request to file:

    Please make possible to turn off labels with the ‘back’ button.
    Sometimes I work with area grids that cover the entire image, when I try to click on some feature I click on the area or track (by mistake) and the labels pop up, and it’s impossible to close them. I have to close and re-open AM, or leave the navigation and re-enter.

    I’m currently trying pro version.



    Thank you for the additional request, Paolo, I will get it filed with our team!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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