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Placemark efficiency

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    The following features would in my use case make Avenza Maps even better:
    * Button to View/Open all placemarks
    * Button to hide the topmost menu (with the file name etc.)
    * Setting to lock the position of existing placemarks (to avoid faulty repositioning)
    when active, the current placemark should be locked when the next placemark is created
    * Setting to create placemark without text, and open keyboard immediately
    On Android I need to do 2 unnecessary clicks for every placemark (delete text and open keyboard)
    * Make the iOS Placemark workflow (creation, opening) the same as for Android
    * All placemarks (at least on Android 8) are redrawn whenever a placemark is added/edited.
    With more > 100 placemarks, this begins to take time. Is there a max number of placemarks?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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