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Placemark efficiency

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    The following features would in my use case make Avenza Maps even better:
    * Button to View/Open all placemarks
    * Button to hide the topmost menu (with the file name etc.)
    * Setting to lock the position of existing placemarks (to avoid faulty repositioning)
    when active, the current placemark should be locked when the next placemark is created
    * Setting to create placemark without text, and open keyboard immediately
    On Android I need to do 2 unnecessary clicks for every placemark (delete text and open keyboard)
    * Make the iOS Placemark workflow (creation, opening) the same as for Android
    * All placemarks (at least on Android 8) are redrawn whenever a placemark is added/edited.
    With more > 100 placemarks, this begins to take time. Is there a max number of placemarks?


    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

    Some of these features are already logged with our development team for their review, and I have added the feature requests that we didn’t have filed already!

    In regards to your question about the maximum number of placemarks, there really is no hard limit, as it depends on your device and it’s abilities. In the case of iOS devices, there is the option to enable (or disable) placemark aggregation, which can help with the display of placemarks as it will group them together if they are close and you are zoomed out. Android also has an option that will allow you to show an unlimited number of features, which if enabled can slow down draw time. The placemarks should not be redrawn when a new one is added – can you please confirm what type of device you are using? If possible, can you contact us at if you are still experiencing this issue?


    Realize that I forgot to request a setting for default placemark text (instead of Placemark <n>)


    I do not understand where on to reply so I reply here instead.
    The placemark redraw is not noticeable until you have at least 70 placemarks.
    On my Motorola X4 it is certainly happening, with AM 3.6.3. Should I update to 3.7 ?
    When you have > 100 it begins to take time, with > 200 it begins to be too time-consuming.
    My guess is that placemarks are written to an internal KML file, which needs to be re-read whenever updated.
    I will also test if it happens on my iPhone 7.


    Hi there!

    We have a feature request filed to change the default placemark text as well.

    Please update to Avenza Maps 3.7 from the Google Play Store and see if you are still experiencing the redrawing of placemarks whenever a new one is added. If you continue experiencing it on your Motorola, please contact us at by tapping “Get Help” to the right side of the page. Please let us know if you experience the same thing on your iPhone 7 and we can do some testing on our end.

    All the best,

    Applications Specialist
    Avenza Systems Inc.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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