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Placemark layers functions

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    Hi, I want to import lots of placemark layers (plant species location records) and turn them on-and-off easily and rapidly over the top of a variety of basemaps.

    Currently the import function and add layers is a bit slow and needs me to ‘link’ each layer to a map (or maps), but then when I open the map ALL the linked layers are displayed. This is a very slow process, and I cant tell which is which (all the placemark name fields are blank).

    I suggest a new “layer collection” group that can be created (like map folders and map collections). This layer collection can be opened within any map folder or map collection (new button). Then each layer within the collection can be turned on or off (off = default). This would speed up the app and make it much more useful for me.


    Thank you for your posting and recommendation for a new “layer collection” feature. Could you please contact Avenza Support ( directly with your feature request and we will be sure it gets properly filed for you.

    Michael Brancati
    Avenza Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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