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Prevent duplicates (and other UI/UX issues)!

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    I only recently started using Avenza Maps and I would like to like it… but the user experience leaves much to be desired.

    The worst thing I’ve encountered is that it apparently is very, very easy to end up with duplicate maps, wasting a lot of time and space. Once a map has been imported, there’s no reason to allow the user to re-import the very same map! This seems to be happening whether I get maps from the store or via iTunes file transfer.

    With iTunes file sharing, there’s absolutely no way to see both the list of available maps to transfer and the list of maps already imported, so there’s no good way to avoid importing duplicates. Apparently I would have to HAND WRITE a list of the maps already imported (a screenshot won’t work, since it I have more than 30 maps imported), then choose only the ones that I haven’t. Yikes.

    Now I’m getting mysterious “File cannot be opened. It may be corrupt” messages that are meaningless because they don’t identify the file in question. I’m just guessing that perhaps that’s because I deleted files that were in the queue to be processed, it can’t find them. But I don’t know, since the file isn’t named in the error message. [Update – apparently that’s not it. I have a number of files that are “Processing paused. Tap to restart” and apparently those are the ones that it can’t open. But when I dismiss the error dialog, they go right back to the same status – “Processing paused. Tap to restart” – with no indication that the file can’t be opened. I’ve been tapping them over and over until I realized that this is accomplishing nothing. The status information for the file needs to change when the dialog is dismissed. It should say that processing failed, not processing paused.

    Do you have a user experience designer on staff? This is basic UX/UI design. So many others, such as the weird modal method of moving and deleting maps. Apps do those things with holding, dragging, etc. these days.


    Hello Nick,

    Thank you for your feedback. I have filed your request to restrict importing duplicate maps with our developers. If you would like to contact our support team directly, we can add your contact information to the ticket and you will be contacted if the feature gets implemented in a future release.

    Referring to the problem you’re encountering with ‘Processing paused. Tap to restart”, this is usually an issue if you’re trying to bring your maps in via an iTunes Restore. Please contact our Support Team using the following link: and we will work closely with you to resolve this issue.


    Gaya Ganesan
    Applications Specialist
    Avenza Systems Inc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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