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Problem with importing from Dropbox

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    When I select more than one map file (downloaded from USGS and saved to my Dropbox account) at a time for Dropbox import, all the files show up in the app and one of them automatically downloads. The additional files are “paused” and when I press resume on one of them I get an error saying the Dropbox connection is lost. If I close and reopen the app, one additional file will download, but the next will show the same error. And so, I am forced to close and reopen the app to get multiple files to download. I am using 3.3.3 on an Ipad Air 2 running ios 11.2.1



    And, for what it’s worth, I loaded the app on my iPhone (6S plus) and it seems to work perfectly at downloading multiple map imports. I am trying to determine if there is some setting that is different on my ipad versus my iPhone, but so far I have not found any.

    Thanks for any help or direction that anyone can offer.



    Thank you for contacting Avenza Support! I wasn’t able to reproduce this error with our devices in-house when I import multiple maps from Dropbox. Are you able to send the dropbox link to, with Attention Bob in the subject line, and I can see if there is an issue with the data? As well, do you have an unlimited imports subscription on both devices? If there isn’t a subscription on your iPad but there is on your iPhone, could cause an issue with the imports. As well, when you say the additional files are Paused, are they paused from the start? It should have text saying “Waiting to Download” while the other maps download.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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