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    I’ve got a question regarding the ‘Split Layer’ function.

    I’ve got a zip code map with data. I would like this map divided into clusters. Each cluster is built from multiple zip codes. Approx. 200 clusters are to be made. I’ve assigned each zip code to a cluster. The names of these clusters go from 1 to 200, instead of ‘Bay Area’ for example. When using the split layer function, I ask MP to split, and make separate layers from the cluster data. Making this a total of 200 layers to be added to my document. When MP does this, it spits out all layers just fine. Except for the fact it spits them out in random order. Placing layer ‘200’ under layer ‘188’ for example, etc. If i was to group these into subgroups, like ’10’ to ’19’ to layer ’10’s’ and ’20’ to ’29’ to ’20’s’. I have a lot of unnecessary work on my hands.

    Is there a way to ask MP to spit these out alphabetically?




    Thank you for your post!
    In order to better help you with this, you will need to contact our Support team directly and provide the AI file. I have tested the Split layer function with unique values, as you have described and the names of the created layers should reflect these values. Splitting into subgroups should not be necessary.
    If you can reach out to us via and provide the file(s) we can take a better look and provide you with a solution!

    Thank you,

    Avenza Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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