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TimeStamp attached to jpg in SHP download?

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    When I create photopoints and export a SHP for use in ArcGIS and the add a point layer, I can see the TimeStamp and associated photos that go with each Placemark; however if I just look at the images in the Images folder it creates, those jpgs do not have a TimeStamp associated with them, just the date they were downloaded. Additionally if I just try to add the GeoTagged Photos as points, there is a field for DateTime in their attribute table, but it is blank. I would like to have the dates included with the photos for reference when they are not associated with the map, and I would like to avoid naming them with the date, which is what I have done as a work around. Am I missing something or a setting? Or is this just not possible? Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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