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Trouble renaming tracks iOS only

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    I am working with a georeferenced pdf imported into Avenza Map on an iPhone10. After I record a track it says the track isn’t on the map (even though I can see the blue dot so I know I am on the map). The track also doesn’t have the little i button so it can’t be edited. I need to rename the track (not the layer) but I can’t seem to do this on the iOS version. It works perfectly on Android running on a Galaxy8. Is this a bug? Anyone got a fix?



    Thank you for your post. I just have some questions so I can provide some help.

    1. Are you working with just one map or multiple maps inside of a Collection?
    2. Are you going off the map while you are tracking?
    3. Could you please send the map to as well as a screenshot of the track you made and if possible, could you export the track from the app and send it to me as well?

    Once I have some more information I will be able to provide some assistance.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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