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    Nick Burchell

    Welcome to the new and Avenza Forums!

    As you’ve no doubt noticed, a lot has changed here. In our efforts to improve the forums and move all of the content over from our old forums, we realized that a lot of the information was outdated or obsolete – which caused some confusion when our users searched for things. In that light, we’ve decided to start fresh with a clean slate – including new user logins. If you’re like us, change is always a little bit scary and we’re hoping you’ll give this a chance – we’d love your help to keep this community going. You can still access the archived Avenza User Forums at

    This new site was rebuilt and streamlined to improve several things including accessing product activation, support content, and purchasing new products and maintenance. While we tried to maintain a lot of relevant content, we simplified and grouped content that made it easier to find things. This may take some getting used to, so we hope that you’ll be able to navigate the site easier.

    We’d love to hear your questions and feedback about the new site and forums. There’s bound to be some quirks and issues with this initial launch. Please use this thread to ask questions, give your feedback, and report any bugs you may find.



    Hello everyone!


    External GPS
    Hello, I am a member of a Search and Rescue air unit, we have just started using AM as the other search units are also doing so. Many of us have WI Fi Ipads and use external GPS’s to provide location data. I have found that when using my “Stratus GPS” or another member with “Sentry GPS” which work very well with the Ipad and our flight programs “Foreflight” the “record GPS tracking” function does not work as states “poor GPS accuracy” The internal gps on my iphone 10 works with the AM installed on the phone,but when pairing my iphone with the ipad, same error message of poor GPS accuracy occurs. The map function works with the external GPS with a jerky movement of the current location marker, but as mentioned the tracker does not.
    It appears for GPS tracking only internal GPS will work?? Any thoughts or ideas to have external GPS devices power all functions??


    Thank you for your post. At this time external GPS device support is strictly based on how the feeds are delivered to the device, as Avenza Maps simply taps into that feed. For our newest release (3.10), we will be pairing with Trimble to offer an integrated interface on iOS devices where you can see the accuracy, device, etc.

    If you’d like to reach out to us via for more help with pairing external GPS units with Avenza Maps we’d be happy to help!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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