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What is Geographic Imager?

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    Nick Burchell

    Geographic Imager 5.3 is the latest version of Avenza’s mapping plug-in for the desktop graphics environment of Adobe Photoshop.

    Combined with Adobe Photoshop, Geographic Imager revolutionizes the way spatial imagery is created, edited and maintained by allowing spatial image files to be created, edited and managed in the familiar and widely-used Adobe Photoshop environment. Geographic Imager allows the most common spatial imaging tasks to be performed where they should be done, in a powerful raster editing environment, and adds the dozens of powerful Adobe Photoshop tools and operations to those that one can perform on such imagery.

    Geographic Imager is comprised of a series of geospatial tools for Adobe Photoshop that will continually improve on each previous version by adding additional file support, tools and improvements to existing tools. Geographic Imager is also the perfect companion suite for MAPublisher and Adobe Illustrator users.

    This help system assumes that you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop and have at least a basic understanding of geographic information systems (GIS) terminology and concepts. Refer to your Adobe Photoshop user guide for more information on using the features of Adobe Photoshop. Refer to the Avenza Projections Guide for more information on the projections supported in Geographic Imager (the guide is included in the Help and Tutorial Data folder).

    By referring to this help system, you’ll learn how to work with spatial imagery using the Geographic Imager tools in Adobe Photoshop. This help covers the concepts necessary to open, edit, and save spatial images with Geographic Imager. A variety of sample spatial images have been included with the installation of Geographic Imager for use with the help and tutorials. You’re encouraged to experiment with your own data to gain additional experience with Geographic Imager tools and functions.

    • This topic was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by  Nick Burchell.
    • This topic was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by  Nick Burchell.
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