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  • in reply to: Copy MAP Objects From problem #51778

    Hi Erik, it’s not about the .ai file. I just tried it with a blank file. To reproduce just:
    1) make any Map View and draw a simple path with curvature tool
    2) make a new file with Map View of different scale than the first one
    3) copy the layer to a new file using Copy MAP Objects From and select add it to existing map view. It adds hundreds/thousands points when the transformation is done.

    If I select “Make an unaltered copy of Map View” the path stays as the original one, but once I move the layer to the new map view, it gets transformed and adds hundreds of points.
    In the same file though, when I change the scale of the unaltered copy of map view first and then move the path to the other map view via Layers palette (not via MAP Views) it doesn’t add the points.
    So it must be something with MAP View transformations.


    in reply to: Set dimensions for "Draw shape around text" #17191

    Hi Andrea,

    thanks for a quick reply. I was thinking this option would make another easy way for creating simple and highly customizable road number shields. I’m trying to recreate this and the only way is to generate labels in LabelPro, create Text points out of them, assign symbols to the generated points. Works, but then the shields and numbers are not grouped (I got hundreds of them in my map). This feature request has come to my mind only after the latest update, where there is ability to draw the shape use Illy’s graphic style (thanks for that!). Making the shapes fixed size AND grouped with the text are the key attributes here.

    With regards


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)