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Geographic Imager Supported Formats

Geographic Imager Raster Reference Formats

FormatExtension(s)Supported sinceReadWrite
BigTIFF1.tif, 1.tiffR: 3.0, W: 3.4
ERDAS IMAGINE Raster1.imgR: 3.4, W: 3.5
ER Mapper ECW1.ecwR: 2.5
ENVI Raster1.hdr,1.datR: 5.2
Geospatial PDF1.pdf3.2
GeoTIFF1.tif, 1.tiff1.0
JPEG 20001.jp2, 1.j2k, 1.jpx, 1.jpc, 1.j2c, 1.jpfR: 2.5, W: 3.2
LizardTech MrSID1.sidR: 2.5, W: 4.1
MrSID/MG4 LiDAR1.sid3.5
NITF1.ntfR: 3.0, W: 3.4
SGI Image format1.rgb2.5
Web Map Service (WMS)1.tiff, 1.png, 1.jpg, 1.gif3.4

  • 1 To write MrSID files, GeoExpress must also be installed (unavailable with a trial GeoExpress license). MrSID write ability on Windows only.

Geographic Imager DEM Formats

FormatExtension(s)Supported sinceReadWrite
Esri ArcInfo ASCII Grid1.agr, 1.grd, 1.txt, 1.ascR: 2.5, W: 5.0
Esri ArcInfo Binary Grid1.adf2.5
Esri ArcInfo Floating Grid1.flt3.4
Esri BIL1.bilR: 3.0, W: 5.0
ENVI DEM1.hdr, 1.datR: 5.2
Grayscale DEM GeoTIFF1.tiffR: 3.4, W: 4.2
Military Elevation Data / DTED1.dt0, 1.dt1, 1.dt22.5
USGS SDTS1.ddf2.5
USGS DEM1.demR: 2.5, W: 4.3

Geographic Imager External Reference Formats

FormatExtension(s)Supported sinceReadWrite
World Files1.tfw, 1.tifw, 1.wld, 1.jgw, 1.pgw,
1.sdw, 1.eww, 1.blw, 1.dmw,
1bpw, 1.gfw
Blue Marble Reference1.rsf1.0
MapInfo TAB1.tab1.0
ER Mapper1.ers1.0

Geographic Imager Web Tile Formats

FormatExtension(s)Supported sinceReadWrite
Google Maps1.html, 1.png, 1.jpg4.2
Bing Maps1.html, 1.png, 1.jpg4.2
OpenStreetMap (OSM)1.html, 1.png, 1.jpg5.0
TileMap Service1.xml, 1.png, 1.jpg5.0
MapBox TileMill1.mbtiles5.0

Geographic Imager Vector Data Formats

FormatExtension(s)Supported sincePoints and Text ImportLines and Areas Import
AutoCAD Drawing/Exchange1.dxf, 1.dwg6.0
Delimited XY Text Data1.txt, 1.csv, 1.tsv6.0
Digital Line Graph1.opt, 1.dlg6.0
Esri ArcInfo Generate1.gen6.0
Esri Interchange File1.e006.0
Esri Shapefile1.shp6.0
Geography Markup Language1.gml, 1.xml6.0
GeoJSON1.geojson, 1.json6.0
Google Earth1.kml, 1.kmz6.0
GPS Exchange Format1.gpx6.0
International Hydrographic Office S-571.000, 1.0306.0
MapInfo Interchange Format1.mif6.0
MapInfo Table1.tab6.0
Microsoft Excel1.xls6.0
MicroStation Design1.dgn6.0
Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS)1.catd.ddf6.0
TIGER/Line1.rt1, 1.r1, 1.bw16.0
Esri File Geodatabase†1.gdb6.1
Esri Personal Geodatabase†1.mdb6.1
PostGIS Spatial Database6.1
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