Helpful Styles & Symbols

The Helpful Styles & Symbols folder is found in the following locations:

Windows: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Avenza\MAPublisher 10.6\Helpful Styles & Symbols

Mac: /Applications/Avenza/MAPublisher 10.6/Helpful Styles & Symbols

Helpful Styles & Symbols > MAP Graphic Styles

This folder contains eight sets of graphic styles for areas and lines:



MAP - Area

A set of area gradients

MAP - Area

A set of black and patterns for areas

MAP - Area Solid

A set of solid colors for areas

MAP - Line

A set of line styles

DGN - Line

A set of MicroStation DGN line styles 1-7

MIF - Area

A set of MapInfo MIF/MID area styles 1-71

MIF - Line

A set of MapInfo MIF/MID line styles 1-77

S57 - Line and Area

A set of S-57 specific styles for lines and areas

Helpful Styles & Symbols > MAP Swatches

This folder contains several sets of swatches:



ColorBrewer Swatches CMYK

Diverging, Qualitative and Sequential swatch sets in CMYK defined by the ColorBrewer system

ColorBrewer Swatches RGB

Diverging, Qualitative and Sequential swatch sets in RGB defined by the ColorBrewer system

MAP - Color Groups and

A set color groups and gradient swatches


A set of various swatch patterns

Helpful Styles & Symbols > MAP Symbols

This folder contains symbol sets of categorized symbols:




A set of symbols from the Federal Geographic Data Committee / US Geological Survey


A set of symbols from OpenStreetMaps


A set of useful general map symbols


A set of Google Earth symbols used with KML points

S57 -

A set of S-57 specific symbols


A set of general use symbols provided by

A set of modern map symbols provided by MapkeyIcons

A set of symbols provided by the National Park Service


A set of arrowheads used with MAP LabelPro


A set of aeronautical point symbols


A set of symbols from major world banks


A set of north arrow symbols


A set of U.S. National Parks Service symbols


A set of symbols from major subway lines


A set of symbols from major transit systems


A set of weather-related point symbols

Helpful Styles & Symbols > S-57 Symbolization

The S-57 Symbolization folder contains two templates with a series of MAP Theme stylesheets linking S-57 imported features to appropriate nautical symbols and graphic styles inspired from the International Hydrographic Office S-4 publication (previously M-4) (Regulations of the IHO for international (INT) charts and charts specifications of the IHO). Graphic styles and symbol names are mostly based on the S-57 naming conventions. The basic template allow users to quickly apply styles to the imported data. The advanced template is more detailed to help users learn the format and make use of the data.




Adobe Illustrator template with detailed MAP Themes for use with S-57 data


Adobe Illustrator template with simplified MAP Themes for use with S-57data


Sample ENC file in S-57 format (chart of Tampa Bay, courtesy of NOAA®)

How to use S-57 templates

1.Open S-57_Basic_Template.ait or S-57_Basic_Template.ait and import S-57 data.

2.In the MAP Themes panel, double-click a stylesheet theme to see its settings.

3.For depth sounding labels, use attribute values with the Label Features - Use sounding style option for points labels. To round the depth values according to hydrographic standards, use the expression provided in the Expression Library.

information This representation is non-exhaustive and meant to assist users with limited knowledge of the S-57 format to interpret the data contents more easily. The created map must not be used for navigation, unless further processing is supervised by a trained hydrographer.

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